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Simple Ways on How to Use a Tube Amp Attenuator

Every guitarist should have all the relevant appliances that will guarantee the best sound quality. Among the items that you need in addition to your guitar are speakers, amplifiers, voltage, amp, and a guitar amp kit. In as much as you desire to have fun by cranking up your amplifiers, you need to ensure that you have a vintage amp that has a master volume control. The other means of ensuring that you are not too loud is connecting your speakers with an amp tube attenuator. Attenuators are usually connected between the speaker cabinet and guitar amplifier. If you buy a modern amp, you will not have to worry about investing in an attenuator as they are in-built.

The primary function of the amp headphone attenuator is to allow you to drive your tube amplifier without causing too much noise in the neighborhood. It works by replicating the ohm load of your guitar speaker. Some of the attenuators in the market have a coil that converts excess wattage into heat. The remaining position of wattage is thereafter transferred to the speaker, hence noise reduction. As a guitarist, you need to have an attenuator to enjoy quality sounds with minimal noise.

It is common to find people who do not know how to connect an attenuator with their speaker cabinet and amplifier. Connecting an attenuator requires one to connect the speaker cable to the amp’s speaker output. After that, you will need to connect the speaker cable from eth attenuator’s output to the input jack of the speaker cabinet. What are the advantages of using an amp attenuator? An attenuator allows one to produce the best tone from their amplifier. Noise is not usually an issue if you connect your speakers with an amp attenuator. Click here to learn more about the reasons to use an amp attenuator.

Now that you understand the benefits of using an amp attenuator, you should embark on buying the right one for your amplifier. The decision regarding the right amp attenuator should be influenced by certain important factors. One of the important factors you need to consider before investing in an attenuator is the type. Attenuators can be categorized as either active or passive. A passive attenuator does not require power function, whereas active attenuators require an external power supply as they incorporate an amplifier stage.

Besides, find out if the attenuator is of the right impedance rating. The impedance rating of the attenuator should be perfect for your speaker cabinet. The last aspect that you should look into is the power output. In case you desire to achieve a high volume tube tone without being too loud, you should buy an amp headphone attenuator.

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